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Who are you?

To understand what you want and who to marry, you need to understand you.

Why do you always attract the wrong people?

Are you Godly or not?

Are you sophisticated or natural?

Are you conservative or liberal re marriage matters?

Are you outgoing or private person?

Are you materialistic or value driven?

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Couples Connect

What do you want out of your marriage?

Are you happy in your marriage?

How can you change this?

Are there constant rows in your relationship?

Do you need help to resolve them?

Do you want to know how to keep your partner passionate about you?

What is the greatest trigger in your relationship?

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What to expect at your pre-mariage counselling: SWOT application to your marriage: Commitment, God factor, Triggers, conflict resolution and Intimacy 

Singles and Couples Connect

Compatibility is very crucial in marriage. So how do you handle incompatibility in your marriage ?

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