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The Marriage Mirage or fantasy

What is a Mirage? Google describes mirage as an optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions, especially the appearance of a sheet of water in a desert or on a hot road caused by the refraction of light from the sky by heated air. That reminds me of the saying that the grass looks greener on the side. A lot people's idea of marriage stems from what they see on tv or newspapers and fairy tales - prince charming and his princess had a happily ever after... That is a mirage and fantasitical.

Couples can experience fun, happy times most of the times. The truth is that couples encounter challenges as well that has the tendency to tear them apart. No marriage is exempt from this. These challenges could lead to bitter arguments stemming from minute to big issues like, career, sex, finance, third parties, careers or attitudes. But with hard work and tenacity, these marriages look like made in heaven.

I know young ladies who get excited  when they see pictures of couples looking loved up but shudder at any slightest argument between couples. What they forget is that couples are two team players with diverse ideas! Again, a lot of people think that marriage is about kisses and hugs only and keep dreaming of someone who will daily sweep them of their feet at the door. The truth is that a time comes when responsibilities increase and the relationship will no longer be centred on kisses and hugs. 

Similar to this is that a lot of ladies always think that that eligible, handsome, tall and well educated man in their church or work is their husband and at times they can begin to have dreams about him and end up waiting to wake up from the dream for many years only to see or hear him marrying someone else

. Please refocus. Be real. Remember,  God does not look at outward appearance. Good products can at times come in ugly packages!

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